Making Pediatric Dentistry in Brookfield Fun!

The Fun Kid’s Dentist offers a child-friendly and family-centered atmosphere for orthodontics and dentistry in Brookfield, WI, where we help each child grow a healthy, wonderful smile that will last a lifetime!

Our office in Brookfield has board-certified pediatric dentists and oral health specialists – Dr. Angela Trochlell, Dr. Alex Hoy, Dr. Carolyn Whittow, and Dr. Stephen Prieve – are dedicated to caring for your loved ones like family.

Our doctors and dentistry team in Brookfield are highly trained and have extensive experience in addressing the dental needs of growing children. With a focus on education and prevention, and tailoring each visit and procedure to your child’s unique physical and emotional needs, we will set them on the road to a lifetime of oral health!

Our Practice

  • History: The Fun Kid’s Dentist opened our doors in 1976, offering a safe and engaging environment where children feel at home. Over the years our small, local Brookfield dentistry practice has grown through referrals from current and former patients and their families; we are honored to now be caring for the children of some of our earliest patients!
  • Dual Specialty Office: We are a dual pediatric dentistry/orthodontic office in Brookfield, WI - one location for 2 specialties! This allows us the ability to coordinate appointments for preventative visits such as cleanings and x-rays, as well as restorative treatment visits, with your child’s orthodontic visits. This not only allows for us to provide the highest level of care but is also convenient for our patients and their families.
  • Connections: We love the energy and excitement each child brings to their visit: being part of a child’s life, and seeing how they grow and change through the years, is deeply fulfilling. The day our patient – who has become our friend – “graduates” to a general dental practice is bittersweet for all of us: we know we are sending them on their way with optimal oral health and the knowledge to maintain their smile, but we miss seeing them!
  • Kid-Friendly Design: Our office looks and feels a lot different than a “grownups” dental office. We have a fun beach and ocean theme throughout our space, and we can often be found celebrating holidays and changing seasons with additional fun décor, plus “spirit days” with our staff!
  • Laughter-Filled Visits: Our patients can pick a movie from Disney+ streaming service to watch during treatment, and at the end of a visit they might choose to get their nails painted or a temporary tattoo! Our doctors and team members love trading jokes, chatting about superheroes and princesses, and hearing about each child’s latest adventures!
  • Tell, Show, Do: Prior to each procedure, we take time to introduce and discuss, in child-friendly terms, what we will be doing. By familiarizing a child with the tools and process, and encouraging their questions, we ease any anxieties they might have. During the treatment, we talk with our patients about what we’re doing, how impressed we are with their behavior, and praise them for being good helpers in taking care of their smiles!

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