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“We have all three of our children’s dental needs taken care of here. From their first visit to braces, they have had excellent care. In particular, we love the availability of a secluded area to minimize sounds for our youngest who has emotional and physical special needs. Everyone is patient and flexible, adapting to his need for a slower or faster pace. The relaxed atmosphere never compromises the care. The staff’s ability to explain and comfort is sure-fire and very reassuring. You know they do a great job when the kids like to come back!”

~Michelle, W.

"At the recommendation of our pediatrician, I took my 14-month-old son for his first visit, which was completely free of charge. Ayden HATES when I try to open his mouth and look at his teeth so I knew this was going to be tricky. Other the hygenist and dentist were so gentle and caring with my son. He still cried and screamed, but they made it as quick and comfortable as possible. They were very thorough when explaining toddler dental importance to me and gave us samples to take home and start using with my little one. We've been brushing his teeth twice a day and he happily does it now! "

- Jennifer

"Today was my 2-year-old's first visit and he didn't want to leave! He loved how gentle and caring the hygienist was and we can't wait to go back. They do an amazing job making your child feel at ease"

- Kristin

"My daughter has only gone to this dentist and no other. She loves it and everyone there. No cavities yet but had two baby teeth pulled and it was a breeze! She is 12 years old and still looks forward to the lipstick and painted nails. They're great!!"

- Christi

“Hi, I just wanted to drop you a quick email with some feedback about our office visit today. It was our first. My daughter Emily has autism and cerebral palsy and was a former 24-weeker (micro-preemie) who spent 3 months on a respirator. She has A LOT of oral defensiveness and is distrustful of anyone in the medical profession. In fact, I've seen her have near panic attacks in doctors' offices.
HOWEVER, we found your dental office to be AMAZING!! What a gift. She loved the friendly atmosphere in the lobby and was happy to find a Nemo stuffed animal in the office. I want to especially sing the praises of our Dental Hygienist Julie who knew not only how to calm down a nervous child but a nervous mom too. She was extremely sensitive and kind and showed us many helpful techniques to enhance brushing at home. I can't believe it but we didn't need any anesthesia at all. I thought for sure Emily would need something before she let anyone near her mouth, but other than some very normal tears, she did great Thank you so much! We are so happy to have found you and would highly recommend you to any family with a special needs (or non-special needs child)."

- Laura