Our Mascots


Fin is the friendliest shark pup you will ever meet. He loves to greet people with his big smile. However, Fin didn't always know how to take such great care of his teeth. He used to have a sharky sweet tooth and was always munching on chocolate-covered minnows. Sometimes, Fin would even go straight to bed without brushing or flossing. Unfortunately, all that sugar made his mouth sore and some of his teeth even developed cavities. He decided to visit Starla and her friends at the Fun Kid's Dentist. At his checkup, he learned how to properly care fo his teeth. Not only is it important to brush and floss, but also limit sugary and acidic foods. In no time, his mouth was feeling much better and his teeth and gums were healthy again. Now, when Fin goes surfing at the beach, he loves showing off his pearly white smile!


Starla is part of the crew at The Fun Kid's Dentistry and she's one smart sea star! She enjoys helping others and showing them how to keep their smiles bright and healthy. Starla suggests brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. Don't forget to floss every day too. Grab a parent to help out with your teeth cleaning routine. It's also a good idea to avoid lots of candy and drinks that are high in sugar. Instead, choose water, milk, veggies, and other nutritional foods. With Starla's help, you can keep your teeth looking and feeling great! When she's not at The Fun Kid's Dentist, her hobbies include dancing and synchronized swimming. Starla and her best friend Fin love underwater karaoke. Her favorite tune to sing along to is "Octopus' Garden".